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Actor Jung In-sun (26) and Lee Kyung (29), who appeared in the JTBC drama 'Ra-cha Cha Waikiki,

Sports Korea reported on January 17 that Chung Inseon and Lee Kyung are in good company. According to the media, the two people met last year with acquaintances and developed into a lover relationship.

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[Sole] Jung In-sun ♥ Lee Kyung, 1st year of devotion ... Waikiki couple birth

According to a broadcasting official, Chung In-sun and Lee Sung are in love. The two of them met with the acquaintance of the acquaintances last year, and they had a good feeling and developed into a lover relationship. Butmore

The two men are appearing together on the 17th, 'Warakata Tea Waikiki'. The two said that they were not aware of the fact that they were having a lover relationship because they were worried about the damage to the drama, the media said.

The TV report said both companies admitted their devotion. Jung Inseun's agency CJ's Entertainment and Lee Lee's agency HB Entertainment said, "We met with an acquaintance and were dating for the first year."

'Warakcha Waikiki' is a scene that beat the cheeky cheek of a boyfriend, a scene that will pay back to the guests in truth. The last inning will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 17th.

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"You can say that the guest can say" ^^ "

It is a scene that collected topics on the JTBC drama `Shagakcha Waikiki`.more

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