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Park Jin-ah, a North Korean women's basketball player of 15 with a height of 205cm, is drawing people's attention.

Female basketball players from South and North Korea teamed up in a friendly match for a South and North Korea basketball match at the Ryugyong Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium on Wednesday.

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'Woman 15 years 205cm' North Park Jin Ah, AG secret weapon

In August, the North Korean women 's national team showed their courageous skill ahead of a single team game between Jakarta - Palembang Asian Games. South and North Korean women's national team players will visit the South-North unified basketball tournament held at the Kyung Ju Young Gymnasium in Pyongyang ...more

Six athletes from North and South Korea competed in teams of "peace" and "prosperity". The prosperity team won the match by 103 to 102.

Park, who only played for nine minutes as a substitute, scored nine points and eight rebounds. Although her moves were rather slow, it was clear that if she's around the net, she can easily score.

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A unified team consisting of South and North Korea players will soon conduct joint training in the South. Lee Moon-kyu, the coach of the Korean national team, said, "We still have to see how we will structure the team to get the best of each player and achieve the best results".

On June 28th, the Korean Women's Basketball Team decided to form a joint team between the two Koreas and participate in the Asian Games. Korea's Women Basketball Team won the 2014 Asian Games and ranked 8th at Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Lee Moon-kyo, the coach for the Asian Games said "North Korean players skills are not very good, but there's a possibility we can make it", he said "if we play together, we will be able to achieve good results at the Asian games."

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The Olympic team and other teams from the South and North .. 'Two to three people can join the North'

The North-South unified basketball tournament in Pyongyang on the 4th and 5th will attract attention because it will resume the exchanges of sports that had been interrupted for many years and it will be the final check on the formation of the national team ahead of the Asian games to be held next month. As a host to the competition ...more

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